Business Overview
4.1 How to receive and send documents?
Depending on the timing of your needs of financial information, we will go and fetch your documents at a fixed date monthly or weekly.
4.2 How can we keep your documents?
We will keep your financial data in particular storage cabinet by particular person at our accounting firm. At the beginning of every year, we will tidy up and file all the vouchers, bookkeeping, and statements to you.
4.3 Who will provide services in our firm?
At least 2 professionals will take responsibility for every one client. One professional is accountant, responsible for daily financial treatments; another professional is project manager, monitoring and auditing all financial treatments, and responsible for all your questions.
4.4 Do we use accounting software applications to make bookkeeping?
Sure, we use the legal latest version of the most famous accounting applications. We guarantee the safety and privacy of your financial data, and the functionality of the accounting applications.
4.5 How to deal with tax affairs?
We will calculate and fill up the tax declaration form. And after your verification, we will help you to submit the form to the Tax Bureau.
What information we need?