Industry Classification customers

IT industry Sina Beida Jade Bird air network
Packaging and printing industry China National Packaging Corporation HUAYAO printing
Dining and entertainment Kungfu Catering Snow World ski
Office WWF International Business Group French agriculture and food industry associations
Real Estate Henderson Properties Luneng Tianhong Real Estate Real Estate Brokers
High-tech enterprises Motorola (China) Sony Ericsson (China)
Industrial Enterprises Chapter light of Tyre Volkswagen Service Center 101
Utilities Beijing Municipal Engineering Beijing Gas Construction
AG Teach million high shares of shares
Radio, Film and Television Industry China Culture Communication show Friends
The advertising industry Great advertising CY joint media
The aviation industry China Capital Airport China Aviation Helicopter Company a Group
Group Kelly Industrial China China Aviation Industry (Group)
Building industry China Airport Construction Beijing three Jianyi Fat Construction
Transportation Sagawa Beijing Public Transport Company
Education Beijing Institute of Advanced Accounting Kam passers Peking University Education Development
Finance and Insurance New China Life Insurance Junan
Hotel industry International Hotel in the center of the founding of the inn-Japanese Youth Exchange
Tourism TUI China Travel International Travel Service China Comfort Travel
Lawyers King & Wood Law Firm Liu Tai Shen Jun LLP
The Home business Beijing Welfare Lottery Center Jinghai packaging
Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery China Institute of Botany, Horticulture Merlin
Auction Beijing Huaxia auction vehicle auction center
Business Enterprise Yo Department Store China Automotive Chain
Social Services China Quality Certification Center Eaton Kindergarten
Social groups Sino-Japanese Youth Exchange Center of the State Council Development Research Center
Institutions China Quality Certification Center Beijing Space Conference Center
Investment company Wing Investment World (China) Investment
Foreign Google China electricity supplier data (China) Degremont Water Treatment
Arts and culture and sports Antique Capital Gymnasium
Property Management Companies And Joe Property Citadel Property
News Publishing State Intellectual Property Office of Science and Technology Literature Press
Health pharmaceutical companies Silver Grant Medical Pharmaceutical colleagues
Telecommunication Services Xinhua Beijing Telecom Development Communication
Securities and futures industry The package easy to futures futures
Government agencies Beijing motor vehicle auction center CITS immigration services