About us

Beijing QQCPA Accounting Firm is established in 1994 In 1998, QQCPA transformed to a limited liability entity. Since then, as a result of rapid expansion of our businesses, we reorganized our company for compliance with professional standards as well as relevant laws. Three companies, namely Beijing Jianhuaxin Taxation Firm, Beijing Jianhuaxin Engineering Advisory Co. and Beijing Jianhuaxin Asset Valuation Firm ,have derived form former accounting practices according to their distinct business area, which were,. Currently, Over 80 experienced professionals in our company provide comprehensive services to our clients, including accountancy, tax advisory, engineering and management consultancy, etc.
We provide most agent services of verification of economy, comprising audit and assurance, tax, business valuation, project cost verification, bidding agency, asset valuation, industrial and commercial agency, financial consulting, bookkeeping, tax planning, etc. With the deep development of many years, QQCPA have not only owned a large amount of professionals, but also a solid client base in various industries. QQCPA is also capable of and experience in to solving all kinds of financial matters. Our clients involve a wide range of industries as follows: IT, Packing and Print, Entertainment, Representative offices, Real Estate, High Technology, Industrial products, Utilities, Joint Stock Companies, Television/Film/Radio broadcasting, Advertising, Aviation, Group organizations, Construction, Transportation, Education, Financial services, Insurance, Hospitality, Tourism, the Legal sector, Civil administration, Primary industry (Agriculture, Forestry, Farming, Fishing, etc.), Auction, Commercial sector, Social services, Social communities, Institution units, Investment management companies, WOFE(wholly owned foreign enterprises), Culture/Arts/Sports Sector, Property management, Publishing, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Post, Telecommunications, Securities and Futures, Research Institutions, Agencies.
Our mission is to provide clients with high quality, professional and complete intermediary services. Our business philosophy is to facilitate growth of our client through our responsible service which consists of three fundamental principles namely Independence, Objectivity, and Fairness.