Business Overview
We give independent and objective opinion regarding in all material aspect, whether relevant accounting standards and generally acceptable accounting principles have been followed in entities’ middle-period and year-end financial statements. This is conventional audit service required by shareholders or parent company of enterprise, or relevant government agencies.
What information we need?

Audit of financial statements the list of required information

A license certificate

1 business license.

2 tax registration certificate.

3 the organization code.

The approval certificate for enterprises with foreign investment - 4

5 tax identification number.

6 foreign exchange registration certificate.

7 Registration Certificate for external debt.

The 8 statistics registration certificate.

9 Financial Registration Certificate.

10 social insurance registration certificate.

11 bank account permits.

12 customs registration certificate.

13 high-tech enterprise certificate.

14 software development enterprise certificate.

15 special approval certificate.

Two accounting data

The 1 financial accounting statements and notes (current and previous period).

2 all the accounts.

3 of all accounting vouchers.

4 the trial balance (current and previous period, 1 to the final account amount, balance sheet).

Three tax data

1 tax returns and payment.

Summary - 2 use the invoice

Four of equity and relevant documents of the company

1 articles of agreement.

2 the establishment, change, capital verification report.

The 3 shareholders of the business license or proof of identity.

Five and the assets of related information

1 of the bank statement, balance sheet adjustment.

2 houses, vehicles, equipment, land ownership certificate.

3 intangible assets certificate, contract, agreement.

4 the end of inventory inventory, fixed asset count table.

Structure and organization of the company documents six

1 the organization chart.

2 mail list, list.

3 department responsibility document

4 peripheral organization licenses, certificates.

Seven and the company management related documents

1 brochures.

2 product or service description.

3 trademark certificate.

4 quality certificate.

5 the patent certificate.

Technical data - 6

7 production process diagram.

8 quotations, pricing policy information.

9 main client list.

10 main sales contract.

11 sales statistics.

12 main supplier list.

13 major procurement contracts.

14 procurement statistics data.

15 the equipment list.

16 main storage contracts.

The 17 major transport contract.

18 labor contract, salary system, social security data.

19 of the equity incentive policy document

20 foreign investment agreement.

21 the stock list.

22 the invested unit certificates, documents, financial statements.

23 financing agreement.

24 of the loan contract.

25 the lease agreement.

26 credit card information.

27 business objectives, strategic managementinformation data.

28 new product development plan.

29 new techniques using data.

30 operating budget data.

The 31 key performance indicators.

32 management assessment mechanism.

33 segment reporting.

Eight financial regulatory documents

The 1 financial accounting system.

Before the 2 annual audit report.